A calendar of inspired fancy sweets, and 12 sweets of the world in the book

At the beginning of the year, I feel fresh.  We need a calendar to make a year-round schedule.  I found a pretty sweets calendar.

51Snyqq03bL51EWymCEIsL   Reference  amazon.co.jp

“Calendar 2015/ smile cafe-style /desktop”
How cute! Don’t you think it matches the image of Yushi?

The book titled “The world sweets calendar” seems to be interesting, too.
41d4zxiMmiL__SS500_ Reference    bookmeter.com/b/4886952410
There are 12 sweets of the world in the book ; the sweets are introduced one by one each month.  The recipe is attached, so there are totally 12 recipes, but it seems to be difficult to cook them.

Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year? My goal is to crawl smoothly.
Nothing is more important than growing up in good health.


I renewed my determination while watching the sweets calendar.


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