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Lovely chocolate of Kobe Morozoff and “366 Stories to Raise a Smart Child”

My mom’s friend brought me a chocolate gift produced by Kobe Morozoff and a wonderful present today.  Yummy looking chocolate!


Morozoff is one of the older confectioners popular among families. The design is fashionable and suitable around the Valentine’s Day.


The present to me was an intellectual book and book coupons. This book “366 Stories to Raise a Smart Child” gathers and introduces 366 stories from the world.Mothers can read aloud the episode one by one to her child every day for 365 days.


Wow! This is extremely good to educate my mom! Hey mom, don’t watch TV all the time, but you should read more books and be more intelligent.


Appreciating my mom’s friend, I was happy to see them enjoy chatting.

“Low sugar sweets of Chateraise and mom’s lazy diet life”

Mom eats sweets today, too. These low-sugar sweets are very popular in Japan. Chateraise is a popular western confectionery in Japan for its inexpensive price. There are various low sugar sweets such as ice cream, cakes, puddings, muffins.
10291622_508e2ea672917 07311511_53d9ddfa5ef85  Reference   chateraise.co.jp

These low-sugar sweets look the same as regular ones. 
What is the difference between the two? Why are they so low-calorie? 
This is because in place of wheat flour and sugar, healthy ingredients are used, such as low-glucide freeze-dried bean curd and wheat bran(the epidermis of the wheat).

09040943_52268241853e110251913_508910b724c9e  Reference   chateraise.co.jp
How do they taste? 

10291636_508e31e15c3f2 10161031_543f20072d60a  Reference   chateraise.co.jp

They aren’t so bad, but mom always gets tired of these sweets soon and begins to eat other high calorie sweets. 
Mom said, “Sugar is important to make sweets delicious. The sweets which contain much sugar are delicious, but low-sugar sweets taste monotonous.” 

I doubt it. What do you think?


The crispy leaf-shaped pie dusted with coarse sugar and”Leaf-eating Baby”

Because I made efforts, recently my crawling is improving. I am a hardworking baby! On the other hand, how about lazy mom? Mom is eating snacks by herself, too.
Today’s sweets are leaf pies by “Ginza West” .
Mom seems to be enjoying the crispy leaf-shaped pie dusted with coarse sugar.
She is engrossed in PC while eating the sweets. She scamps her work. She doesn’t take good care of me. Bad attitude!
I need to keep an eye on mom. I decided to demonstrate by my action like a smart baby rather than by crying or getting angry. I began to dash toward mom who was in the dining room, but she doesn’t notice my action.

When I passed by a flowerpot, I took interest in deep-green leaves. The leaf resembles mom’s pie in shape.
What kind of taste is this? I reached out my hand, tore off a leaf and put it into my mouth. “Uuu, yucky!”

“No, Yushi!” Hearing my groan, mom came in a hurry and removed the leaf from my mouth.
Mom left PC and started to play with me. The action by crawling is effective in order to educate mom. I did a good job!

I continue to make an effort to crawl speedily.

The Japanese “cheese snack” education-conscious Chinese moms definitely want!

I found an interesting article about Japanese snack. I wapped up from news.mynavi.jp.

Many Chinese take excessive care of one child due to their one-child policy.
Recently, the (Chinese) parents pay attention to the Japanese snack “child’s cheese cod” by Ougiya-food.

9775996_LL2Reference lohaco.jp/product/9775996/
Even in Chinese version of twitter “weibo”, many Chinese moms recommend “cheese cod” for children.
They go “each piece for each small package in the bag, it’s so convenient”, ” It’s so nutritious. Good for children.”

9775996_LL1Reference lohaco.jp/product/9775996/
Moms greatly admire “child’s cheese cod”.
“cheese snack with DHA” is especially popular as it’s said that DHA enhances ability to learn.

However, if you eat only cheese, it seems your diet will be unbalanced.

Wrapped up by Yushi


The cookies are low-sugar and don’t make fat, my practicing a pulling exercise

Recently she snacks on diet cookies. The cookies are low-sugar and don’t seem to make her fat. Diet sweets are very popular in Japan, these are considered health and  free from worries about weight.

51302HG-553_D1    Refernce  cecile.co.jp/detail/HG-553

Fancy that!
Mom is free from worries about weight, so she eats a lot of the cookies.
But be careful, mom. “If you eat too many cookies, you will get fat even though they are diet cookies.”


Mom is making an effort to do exercise at home, too.
After I was born, she doesn’t seem to be able to wear clothes of the last year. Oh, serious problem!

Recently I’ve come to able to crawl a little, but I haven’t moved forward smoothly yet.
Therefore, I’m trying to do an exercise of pulling an electric cord or a curtain to strengthen my back every day.
However, mom doesn’t look very pleased with my exercise for some reason. The exercise of pulling things is necessary for babies, right? But she always takes away the electric cord of my exercise tool from me, saying “No, Yushi!”  Why?

Mom can’t see the beam in her own eye; she said to me, “Oh Yushi, you are chubby, so you crawl slowly.” How rude!
I am a smart baby with a high level of consciousness. Mom cannot stop eating sweets. I’m not like her!
To lose weight by myself, I’m practicing a pulling exercise hard today, too.


Special camera with sweets of my photograph, lemon pops come out

You know what? Here is a snack shaped like a camera named “Taberun-desu Hi.”  from Orien

09141424_5052bf8852c11    Reference   orionstar.co.jp/product/2012/04/hi
When you push the shutter button, lemon pops come out. Do you know this special camera with sweets?
This is a disposal camera used before a digital camera.

  Reference  ja.wikipedia.org/wiki

Japanese disposal camera was first made by Fuji Film Co., Ltd. in 1986 with the Quicksnap, named (Utsurun-Desu Hi). Snap-happy Japanese is putting away his conventional camera and switching to inexpensive and increasingly sophisticated disposables.

You couldn’t immediately check the end result of a picture by the former camera. That means you don’t know the end result even if you don’t look good in a photo.
But recently a digital camera is convenient; you can choose only your favorite picture and print it out.

My family had a picture taken by a professional photographer last Sunday. It is my ceremonial photograph.
Mom got dressed up in kimono, Dad wore a suit and I was fully dressed, too.
The photographer took a lot of pictures of us by a digital camera.

Our photo shoot finished smoothly and we began to choose the image.
“How handsome I am!” I thought mom would choose the picture in which I look the most handsome.
But, mom chose only photos in which she looked nice.
Mom said, “If I didn’t look beautiful in a picture, Yushi would be disappointed in the future.”  No!
I don’t care whether she looks nice in a photo or not. That I look handsome in a picture is more important.
Parents were absorbed in choosing the photographs. They seemed to forget completely that I was today’s hero.

Mom’s graceful relaxation sweet? Ice cream of soybean milk and the powdered Green tea

Here is a ice cream of powdered Green tea.


A generous amount of fluffy soybean milk is added on top of it as the final touch. Mom said, soybean milk and Green powdered tea are good for health, and such a healthy sweet is stress-relieving. She loves the healthy sweet. Oh, stress-relieving is necessary for me, too.


Friday is my graceful relaxation day by massage
I go to the Baby Yoga class with mom every Friday. Baby Yoga is a class where baby and mother do yoga together.
This is a class for babies aged from three to around ten months before walking.
Today is the first day of the Baby Yoga. What is the Baby Yoga class like ? I am excited! It is a small classroom, but it is clean.

We babies lay beside moms and saw them doing yoga.
My mom moves slowest of all moms. Mom, you lack exercise! What a shame!
I started to get bored.Yawn!

At last the main event “baby massage” began. Mom put oil on my whole body, and massaged me. I feel great!
The instructor said, “This massage is a kind of a whole body exercise for a baby. Maybe your baby will be tired and get a good sleep at night.” 

Oh! I see.
That’s why lazy mom goes to the Baby Yoga class with me. She is right.I slept after Yoga.


But I slept well as soon as we finished Yoga, so I was awake at night.
I’m sorry, mom.

Bean snacks of Setsubun, “Am I a goblin?”

February 3rd is Setsubun, so mom bought bean snacks and a toy mask of goblin.

Setsubun is the Last Day of Winter. In order to drive away evil spirits, we throw beans in a house, shouting “oni-wa-soto” (get out goblins) and “fuku-wa-uchi” (come in happiness.)


However, mom began to eat beans immediately without doing the bean-scattering ceremony; probably she hates to clean up after the ceremony. Just eating? Don’t you throw beans? I can’t believe that!

What do you think about such a corner-cutting? I hope mom will learn the right Japanese culture.

Mom put the toy mask over my face and laughed.
“Crying Yushi is like a small goblin.”

How come you say such a terrible thing? Am I a goblin?

A baby is very sensitive, so I was hurt deeply by mom’s words.
As I was offended, I got cranky and fussy during the night.


Yummy Chestnut “Yokan (Japanese jellied sweet)”, when do you want to eat sweets ?

“Oh, no! I overslept”. If I don’t get up, the work doesn’t progress. Serious! But mom enjoys a cup of coffee while I’m sleeping. She eats yummy Chestnut “Yokan.”


You know what. Yokan is a Japanese jellied dessert made from red bean paste.  Here is one with big chestnuts on top.


Is she all right to eat sweets before breakfast?

Mom is kind of tired, so she seems to want sweets. While I was listening to Disney movie songs, mom fell asleep soon. “I’m hungry. I need food.” Even though I cried loudly, she didn’t wake up. Mom must be really tired. I had to put up with hunger for a while. Why is mom so tired? Because of me? Every time I whine too much. Sorry mom! But I can’t stop crying.


Sheep cookie, “Counting the number of sheep helps you fall asleep.”

I live positively.
Every day I am busy introducing sweets, practicing crawling and so on.
I really live life fully. I’m proud of myself!
I don’t know why adults including my mom want to get plenty of sleep.

Mom is eating a sheep cookie with a sigh today, too. Smile, Mommy !

“Counting the number of sheep helps you fall asleep.” Does mom really believe in this spell?
I can’t believe that! My pajama is sheep-patterned, too. I don’t like the sheep pattern, but everybody compliments me, “Yushi, your pajama is so cute and you look nice!” So I decided to wear it.

Because mom has heard that taking a walk helps babies sleep well, we started doing it. Now we take a walk every day.

Mom thought, “If I go out for a walk with Yushi, he will be tired and get a good sleep.”
But I was not tired at all, because I slept the entire time during a walk in the fresh air.
Buggy is the most comfortable place to sleep.

As soon as we went home, I woke up. I was happy to have a nice sleep! I thought mom was happy, too, but she seemed to be disappointed. Why?

Big brown sugar Karinto (deep-fried snack) and steamed cake of Okinawa!

Friday is my only graceful relaxation day.
Every day I am very tired from my parents, but massage of a baby yoga is stress-relieving.

Mom always drops in at a small sweets section of the exhibition space on her way to the Yoga school.
Some popular local Japanese sweets are sold here for one week only, but you can enjoy “This week’s specials” each week.
What are today’s sweets? Oh, what an appetizing smell! Guess what?

Big brown sugar Karinto (deep-fried snack) and steamed cake of Okinawa! Wow!

Okinawa’s sweets are like hidden scenic spots. After mom tasted these sweets, she bought both.

This Karinto is bigger and more satisfying than the regular one. The texture is soft but crispy.
Mom started to snack on the Karinto as soon as we went back home. How would your diet turn out?  Don’t you forget?
I’ve had enough!  I ended up falling asleep just like that.


My new playmate wooden toy mole! and healthy chestnuts cake

Mom’s friend and her cute 4-year-old daughter visited my house today.
They brought a cute present to me ,and also brought chestnut cake: candied chestnuts with inner skin are used.

Yummy-looking  chestnut cake: candied chestnuts with inner skin are used.This cake is additive-free and healthy.
Mom defrosted the chestnuts cakes slowly in the refrigerator for around 3 hours.
The marron cream which isn’t too sweet is delicious.


I got a toy with my name on it. Don’t you think it is very pretty?

It is a handicraft of a woman artist. I’m happy to get another wonderful playmate.


Of course, their purpose is to meet me. I am a popular baby.
I’m proud of myself!
As long as moms have chestnuts cake and tea, they continue to talk for many hours.
We patiently watched our parents enjoy chatting.

“Alphabet-Figured Biscuits” from Wakodo, babies can play with thier parents

Good news for  babies or children who want to play with your parents. I have picked up one snack for babies. In addition, the biscuits are the most suitable snacks for parents while I’m playing with them.

  “Cocoa and Maple Syrup Flavored Alphabet-Figured Biscuits” produced by Wakodo, Shokuiku-land


Reference premama.jp/osusume/health/osusume

They are rich in iron and encourage food education for  children from 18 months of age.
With its simple taste, small size, and just right hardness, the biscuits are perfect for our babies to learn how to chew on food.
A bagful of one bite size alphabet biscuits encourage children to talk.
You can enjoy a simple cocoa flavour and a rich maple syrup flavour.

Reported by Sou


Fruit Jelly from Wakodo make your children love their fruits, good for education to eat fruit

They are fruits purees produced by Wakodo and are delicious as they are.
Wakodo is one of the famous chain stores that specialize in baby foods.
The purees contain strained fruits and their juices, mixed with some diced apples, which are appropriate in size for babies to put in their mouth.
The purees are also meticulously made. You can enjoy the texture of fresh fruits!

The purees are contained in light plastic trays so you can use them as plates when you feed your children.  It is very convenient.
Not only are they enjoyed as they are but also can be used as a sauce for yogurt, breads, and precooked vegetables and meats.
7 major food allergens such as eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, soy, buckwheat, shellfish are not contained.

“Four kinds of fruit” from Wakodo

Fruit juice (mandarin orange, banana, peach),  diced apples, apple purees

315_623004300   Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping/c/cc00216
 “Fruit and tomato”  from Wakodo

Muscat fruit juice,  diced apples, apple purees,  tomato paste

315_623004200  Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping/c/cc00216

” Peach and white grape”  from Wakodo

Fruit juice (peach, Muscat), diced apples, apple purees,

315_623004100  Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping/c/cc00216

Reported by Sou


For the babies who want to grow up healthy on Japanese rice, Akachan-honpo original snacks

I have picked up some finger snacks for babies who are at 6-8 months of age and are getting used to eating solid foods.
For babies, these snacks are easy to digest and absorb.
They only use carefully selected ingredients that are made in Japan.
Also, they do not contain chemical seasoning, artificial flavors, and food preservatives.

Therefore, parents are free from worries about the safety of the foods when feeding their babies with such snacks.

“Yasai-kazoku”   from Akachan-honpo

315_623023300Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping

It is an original product of Akachan-hompo, which is a chain store that specializes in maternity and baby items.
“Yasai-kazoku” is made of non-glutinous rice, or Uruchi-mochi, starch, sugar, sweetened defatted condensed milk, salt, carrot paste, cabbage paste, spinach powder, and shellfish calcium.

“Vegetable bolo(small round cookies)” from Akachan-honpo

315_500013500Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping
The snack of small grain type is contained potato starch from Hokkaido and spread faintly soft taste in your mouth.
It combines seven kinds of green vegetables: carrot, spinach, parsley, ashitaba (species of angelica), large grudge, marrow cabbage and molokheiya.
The bag is convenient for preservation and carrying with a zipper-type opening and shutting easily.
Good news for parents who are wanting to do the bone of your child strongly.

I recommend to parents this “calcium bolo”.

 “calcium bolo (small size type)” from Akachan-honpo

315_623011400Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping

Each piece for each small package in the bag, it’s so convenient.

315_623011400_1Reference  shop.akachan.jp/shopping


Wrapped up by Sou