Baby-friendly snacks of Wakodo: Osenbei, Egg bolo and Biscuit

Parents take much care of their babies’ intake of sodium and sugar. So I would like to show you a safe low-sodium and nutritious snack.

It is Osenbei (rice cracker) “Smile pocket”series .  Baby-friendly sweets !

I wrapped up the explanations in this homepage. Those snacks are available to children aged seven months or older.

“Seaweed and Shirasu(tiny fish) Osenbei for babies containing much iron and calcium”  , produced by  wakodo

osenbei1Reference wakodo co

The Osenbei is made from Japan’s domestically- grown rice and mixed with seaweed and Shirasu. It is made from Japan’s domestically- grown rice. It has soft flavor and melts in a mouth immediately.

“Vegitables Osenbei” , produced by wakodo

osenbei2  Reference wakodo co

This Osenbei is made from Japan’s domestically- grown rice and contains vegetables.

“Three kinds of rice cracker packs (with plentiful iron and calcium)”, produced by  wakodo

osenbei7Reference wakodo co

We’d like to recommend them to the parents who want to try three kinds at a time. There are 3 kinds taste; calcium rice crackers,soft rice crackers with ‘Shirasu(young sardines)’and seaweed, soft rice crackers with vegetables. Honestly I can not understand the difference in taste well.


These senbeis is soft and easy to melt in our babies mouth.


Egg bolo(small round cookie) ” , produced by wakodo

osenbei3Reference wakodo co

The small round cookie is made with eggs, sugar and wheat. It has baby-friendly moderate sweetness that lets you enjoy comfortable feeling of melting in your mouth.

“Animal Biscuit ” , produced by wakodo

osenbei4Reference wakodo co

It is softly baked in the shape of an animal. It has a mild and slightly sweet cheese flavor and you can enjoy comfortable feeling of melting in your mouth.

“Cheese stick” , produced by  wakodo

osenbei5Reference wakodo co

It is a lightly sweetened stick cheese cookie. Seven packs (three sticks in one pack).


“Baby milk wafer” , produced by  wakodo

osenbei6Reference wakodo co

It is a thin wafer that babies can eat easily and has a baby-friendly sweet flavor.

Notes.   Many sweets flock to babies, so it’s hard for us, babies to resist temptation.

sou5      Wrapped up by Sou


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