Bean snacks of Setsubun, “Am I a goblin?”

February 3rd is Setsubun, so mom bought bean snacks and a toy mask of goblin.

Setsubun is the Last Day of Winter. In order to drive away evil spirits, we throw beans in a house, shouting “oni-wa-soto” (get out goblins) and “fuku-wa-uchi” (come in happiness.)


However, mom began to eat beans immediately without doing the bean-scattering ceremony; probably she hates to clean up after the ceremony. Just eating? Don’t you throw beans? I can’t believe that!

What do you think about such a corner-cutting? I hope mom will learn the right Japanese culture.

Mom put the toy mask over my face and laughed.
“Crying Yushi is like a small goblin.”

How come you say such a terrible thing? Am I a goblin?

A baby is very sensitive, so I was hurt deeply by mom’s words.
As I was offended, I got cranky and fussy during the night.



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