Which sweet is the most effective for baby early education?

Thanks to a medical development, we babies have recently been able to grow up healthily. Our snacks are thought to have a mild taste and a lot of nutrition.

For example, these snacks seem to help supply a lot of kinds of nutrition such as calcium, iron and vitamins which weaned babies lack of. That sounds great! We babies may be able to become clever too!

“Manna”, produced by  Morinaga

manna2Reference  morinaga.co.jp/manna/

Good news for loved parents who are looking for cute and soft snacks! If you worry about an allergy to egg, how about this Wafer which is not too sweet and egg-free?

manna3Reference  morinaga.co.jp/manna/

To hasty parents who want to give your baby early education, I recommend this Bolo to you.

manna4Reference  morinaga.co.jp/manna/

Each piece has a small and round shape, so it is effective in fingertip exercise for your growing children! You don’t need to buy any so-called education toys if your children play with this kind of snack.

sou        Reported by Baby Sou


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