“Cake with premium sense”, Ashiya is one of the famous confections battlegrounds


As today is a holiday, I stroll with Daddy and Mommy. I’m happy and excited!
Ta-dah! This is my private buggy.


I’m ready. Let’s go! Pleasant promenade,
This town Ashiya is one of the famous confections battlegrounds, and there are so many patisseries. The cakes of this shop are so popular that they are sold out in the morning.
The cakes are beautifully decorated with plenty of fresh fruits.

Mom passionately waited in line for the cake from morning, and finally she got it.
I have no idea why she waits in line for a long time to buy the cake.
Maybe “waiting in line for something” brings premium sense. I guess Mom proudly feels she got a valuable one.
Daddy and I were kept waiting for a long time, so I learned patience by the morning stroll.


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