Baby Yushi`s Sweets Diary

Where is a place of shopping center is suitable for a baby ?

The Very Hungry baby: What’s the wonderful baby mop which always cleans my house?

Moomin is used for many confections, don’t break the image of my lovely Moomin!

The cute egg sponge cakes confection which are most suitable for communication

Tips for growing a tree which makes us rich, and okashi confectionery in the shape of an oval gold coin.

“Cake with premium sense”, Ashiya is one of the famous confections battlegrounds

Chestnut pie cake of Sasayama City where good-quality Tanba black soybeans are produced

Lovely chocolate of Kobe Morozoff and “366 Stories to Raise a Smart Child”

“Low sugar sweets of Chateraise and mom’s lazy diet life”

The crispy leaf-shaped pie dusted with coarse sugar and”Leaf-eating Baby”

The cookies are low-sugar and don’t make fat, my practicing a pulling exercise

Special camera with sweets of my photograph, lemon pops come out

Mom’s graceful relaxation sweet? Ice cream of soybean milk and the powdered Green tea

Bean snacks of Setsubun, “Am I a goblin?”

Yummy Chestnut “Yokan (Japanese jellied sweet)”, when do you want to eat sweets ?

Sheep cookie, “Counting the number of sheep helps you fall asleep.”

Big brown sugar Karinto (deep-fried snack) and steamed cake of Okinawa!

My new playmate wooden toy mole! and healthy chestnuts cake

Yummy-looking tofu cheese cake! On the other hand, mom’s terrible baby foods

A calendar of inspired fancy sweets, and 12 sweets of the world in the book

“The sweets of New Year’s gift”, family lives peacefully forever

The New Year’s sweets dishes : Is this a “Osechi-ryori” or trick sweet ?

“Let it go” sweets of “Anna and Snow (Frozen) Queen”

The god of poverty loves a dirty house. “Poor sweets life!”

Afterlife of Christmas trees and our waffle sweets

Happy Christmas ! delicious-looking cookies. But…

No cake and no present ! unlucky Christmas!

Are they Christmas cookies or Osenbeis (rice crackers)?

The crisis that I may become a boiled baby ! Look at frog Cookies

There are many temptations in cafe of hospital. Don’t eat too many sweets!

“How to get a wakeful baby to sleep” What is this yummy-looking doughnut?

The cakes of the Diet building “How to protect from unreasonable daily life”

“Trap of sweet free cake” Women flock to something for free and sweets?

I’ve just started thrilling sweets life.Good luck!