Chestnut pie cake of Sasayama City where good-quality Tanba black soybeans are produced

Recently, mom has eaten sweets 3 times a day: in the morning, in the afternoon and after dinner.
Today’s morning snack is a pie cake with a whole chestnut inside, made by “Kinmata”; its main store is located in Sasayama City where good-quality Tanba black soybeans are produced.

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The piecrust is thinly coated with honey, and it looks delicious.

Afternoon snack is “Kinmata cookies”; soybean flour is dusted on the surface.
You can enjoy nice fragrance of the soybean flour and crunchy texture of the cookies which are not too sweet.
Mom continues to eat sweets at night. I guess she completely forgets her diet.

Because recently my crawling has improved, I can move freely.
Every day, I patrol our living room and check everything within arm’s reach by putting it in my mouth.
I reached my arm to pick mom’s sweets, but she took away the sweets from me, saying “No!”
“Only you eat delicious sweets. Mom, it’s not fair!”
I never give up and keep aiming at mom’s sweets.


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