Are they Christmas cookies or Osenbeis (rice crackers)?

Christmas is around the corner.
rease     Handicraft of baby Yushi’s grandmother
My house is filled with Christmas spirit.
It is the season when a house is decorated most beautifully in one year. Right?

Recently, various Christmas songs are played in my house.
Every day I enjoy listening to many Christmas songs on YouTube.
But sometimes I hear bad pronunciation with beautiful music.
What’s that noise? My mom is singing an English song! I don’t think she is a good singer.
Then she is humming to Christmas songs, but the beautiful melody is ruined by mom.
I quietly and patiently listen to mom sing. Do you think I’m a good boy?

Are they Christmas cookies ?  No!


They are Christmas Osenbei (rice crackers).


They are cute, aren’t they?
Just looking at the  makes me happy.
How will we spend Christmas this year? I’m excited!



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