“Alphabet-Figured Biscuits” from Wakodo, babies can play with thier parents

Good news for  babies or children who want to play with your parents. I have picked up one snack for babies. In addition, the biscuits are the most suitable snacks for parents while I’m playing with them.

  “Cocoa and Maple Syrup Flavored Alphabet-Figured Biscuits” produced by Wakodo, Shokuiku-land


Reference premama.jp/osusume/health/osusume

They are rich in iron and encourage food education for  children from 18 months of age.
With its simple taste, small size, and just right hardness, the biscuits are perfect for our babies to learn how to chew on food.
A bagful of one bite size alphabet biscuits encourage children to talk.
You can enjoy a simple cocoa flavour and a rich maple syrup flavour.

Reported by Sou



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