For the babies who want to grow up healthy on Japanese rice, Akachan-honpo original snacks

I have picked up some finger snacks for babies who are at 6-8 months of age and are getting used to eating solid foods.
For babies, these snacks are easy to digest and absorb.
They only use carefully selected ingredients that are made in Japan.
Also, they do not contain chemical seasoning, artificial flavors, and food preservatives.

Therefore, parents are free from worries about the safety of the foods when feeding their babies with such snacks.

“Yasai-kazoku”   from Akachan-honpo


It is an original product of Akachan-hompo, which is a chain store that specializes in maternity and baby items.
“Yasai-kazoku” is made of non-glutinous rice, or Uruchi-mochi, starch, sugar, sweetened defatted condensed milk, salt, carrot paste, cabbage paste, spinach powder, and shellfish calcium.

“Vegetable bolo(small round cookies)” from Akachan-honpo

The snack of small grain type is contained potato starch from Hokkaido and spread faintly soft taste in your mouth.
It combines seven kinds of green vegetables: carrot, spinach, parsley, ashitaba (species of angelica), large grudge, marrow cabbage and molokheiya.
The bag is convenient for preservation and carrying with a zipper-type opening and shutting easily.
Good news for parents who are wanting to do the bone of your child strongly.

I recommend to parents this “calcium bolo”.

 “calcium bolo (small size type)” from Akachan-honpo


Each piece for each small package in the bag, it’s so convenient.



Wrapped up by Sou



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