Happy Christmas ! delicious-looking cookies. But…

Mom and Dad got much better, which put me in a good mood.
This morning mom received a Christmas present for me from a friend of hers.
Guess what. I got Tokyo American Club’s dolls and baked goods. The dolls are plain but cute!
Look at the design of the baking goods tin! It’s a nice picture of the 100th anniversary of the Tokyo Station opening.
Wow, it’s wonderful!
This special tin is a good commemorative for the year when I was born.
What delicious-looking cookies!
It was terrible Christmas until yesterday, but now I am very happy!

But, I began to feel ill.
I get a tummy ache.I started to have diarrhea, so mom was panicked and took me to the hospital.
I seem to have caught a cold from parents! How unlucky I am!
There seems to be a thorny path of my life ahead.



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