“How to get a wakeful baby to sleep” What is this yummy-looking doughnut?


It is a yummy-looking doughnut! I remember a floating tube whenever I see this cake. Guess what. This is a special floating tube. It is a sports educational tool!

swimmerbar                            Reference  swimava.jp

Even a baby like me can move hands and feet in water freely while wearing the tube around the neck. It is effective for babies who have trouble getting to sleep.  I’ve heard that if this special tool is used for such babies every night before they go to bed, they can loosen their body muscles and sleep deeply. Good news!

swimbaby     Reference  swimava.jp

Once mom was seriously thinking of buying it to get me to sleep because I cry at night every 2-3 hours. Also I wake up every 30 minutes during a nap. Mom thought, “If I use this floating tube for Yushi in a bath, he will get a good sleep.” But this tube is dangerous. The baby who used the floating tube died in an accident several years ago. The baby was drowned in a bath. When the mother took a bath with the baby, she was not watching the baby for a moment. The floating tube came off from the neck of the baby. My mom is easy to be distracted, so she should never, never use it for me. I don’t want to be yet drowned. I’ve just started life.  Mommy asked daddy to buy it, but fortunately he said, “No.” He saved my life. Thank you, Daddy!


Mom continues making efforts to get me to sleep.


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