The cakes of the Diet building “How to protect from unreasonable daily life”

My weight is over 10 kg now, so I am heavier than average. I’m a little bit chubby baby.
The doctor advised mom about my diet because he only saw average.
An uninformed mom agreed to everything the doctor said, and she asked me,

“Hey Yushi, you have two choices: reduce the number of times to drink milk or reduce the amount of milk each time. Which do you like better? ”

Come on, mom!
I hate both.
Well, it is normal I drink much milk because my body is bigger than other babies.
I hope mom will consider things, seeing balance overall rather than average.
Mom is making a suggestion that ridicules a baby, but I can decide nothing, so it depends on mom.
Recently, there is a really similar situation to this, isn’t there?

diet4   Reference

You know what.
The recent politics of Japan is the same as my milk case, too.  We can’t decide policy.
Japan has a snap election in December, but we want to choose no politicians.
We hate everyone, so we don’t want to choose everything!
But we must make an unreasonable decision.

They are the cakes of the Diet building.   They are sold at the shop in the assembly hall.

diet diet2

I think the best way to solve this issue is self-defense, so I must not rely on stupid people including my mom.
To lose weight by myself, I’m practicing crawling hard today, too.



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