Lovely chocolate of Kobe Morozoff and “366 Stories to Raise a Smart Child”

My mom’s friend brought me a chocolate gift produced by Kobe Morozoff and a wonderful present today.  Yummy looking chocolate!


Morozoff is one of the older confectioners popular among families. The design is fashionable and suitable around the Valentine’s Day.


The present to me was an intellectual book and book coupons. This book “366 Stories to Raise a Smart Child” gathers and introduces 366 stories from the world.Mothers can read aloud the episode one by one to her child every day for 365 days.


Wow! This is extremely good to educate my mom! Hey mom, don’t watch TV all the time, but you should read more books and be more intelligent.


Appreciating my mom’s friend, I was happy to see them enjoy chatting.


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