“Low sugar sweets of Chateraise and mom’s lazy diet life”

Mom eats sweets today, too. These low-sugar sweets are very popular in Japan. Chateraise is a popular western confectionery in Japan for its inexpensive price. There are various low sugar sweets such as ice cream, cakes, puddings, muffins.
10291622_508e2ea672917 07311511_53d9ddfa5ef85  Reference   chateraise.co.jp

These low-sugar sweets look the same as regular ones. 
What is the difference between the two? Why are they so low-calorie? 
This is because in place of wheat flour and sugar, healthy ingredients are used, such as low-glucide freeze-dried bean curd and wheat bran(the epidermis of the wheat).

09040943_52268241853e110251913_508910b724c9e  Reference   chateraise.co.jp
How do they taste? 

10291636_508e31e15c3f2 10161031_543f20072d60a  Reference   chateraise.co.jp

They aren’t so bad, but mom always gets tired of these sweets soon and begins to eat other high calorie sweets. 
Mom said, “Sugar is important to make sweets delicious. The sweets which contain much sugar are delicious, but low-sugar sweets taste monotonous.” 

I doubt it. What do you think?



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