Marketed Products Should Be Given Only a Little after One year

Compare marketed snacks and snacks for babies (for one-year-old babies). Note the difference of the amount babies are allowed to eat.

Snacks for babies: 5.5 pieces (wakodo)


Marketed cookies: 2 pieces


When biscuits for babies are given, they contain only a little sugar, salt and fat and satisfy babies because they can eat much more.

 Harm of Marketed Snacks

Snacks containing much fat cause anorexic due to too much calorie intake. Babies won’t eat mild lightly-seasoned snacks for babies after they have known strong-tasting market products.

Be careful while giving marketed snacks to babies before one even though they look soft and possible to eat. Especially, chocolate and gummy candies, gum and candies, which can cause the choke, should be avoided.



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