Moomin is used for many confections, don’t break the image of my lovely Moomin!

It is a pancake of overweight Moomin.
Besides, this pancake is eaten up! Poor Moomin!
I am very sorry for all Moomins who become pancakes.


Moomin’s characters are used for many confections.


My mom and I(Yushi) like Moomin. Mom drew a picture of Moomin to please me and daddy. Here is a Moomin entrance nameplate drawn by mom.


But, the atmosphere of Moomin whom mom draws is different from that of the original drawing.  Don’t you think so?
The Moomin world which mom draws, has neither pink sky nor fat birds.
I believe the Moomin’s actual world is more mysterious and elegant than mom’s drawing.
Mom’s Moomin is quite different from my favorite Moomin.
I hate seeing this nameplate every day, but fortunately mom doesn’t notice it.

The characters of Moomin look intellectual, so they are used for the wallpaper of the laboratory Institute of Physical and Chemical Research.

The laboratory where the STAP cell scandal happened & Wall paper of Moomin



What became of the laboratory of this Moomin wall paper now?  I’m curious.
The woman on the photo was highly praised at the beginning, but now her reputation is bad.
The Moomin wallpaper became famous together with her on TV. What bad luck!  Everybody, Don’t break the image of my lovely Moomin!


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