Muji’s snack reflects natural simplicity, lists each carefully selected ingredient and is small enough for one bite

Muji is a popular shop, known around the world, that offers simple and natural furniture and miscellaneous goods.  Muji has many customers from Japan, particularly those in their 20s to 40s, as they like simple colors, such as white and natural.

The packaging of Muji’s sweets reflects natural simplicity, and lists each carefully selected ingredient. Each sweet is small enough for one bite, and making them suitable for children as well. Muji also offers sweet treats, made with domestic wheat, millet, and beet sugar.

Fresh tip(52g): unripened sweet potato tips, vacuumed sealed at a low temperature to preserve the fresh flavor.

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Egg yolk bolo(56g): a smoothly melted bolo, kneaded with an egg yolk. The snack is additive-free and , so you can eat it without any risk.


Doll sponge cake(130g): a not-too-sweet sponge cake, made with wheat flour from Hokkaido, and shaped like a doll.


Two of my favorite sweets are the soybean milk doughnut(56g) and the bell-shaped sponge cake(95g) made with soybean milk and nutritious bean curd.



 Notes.  A doughnut and a cake are basic sweets of the children, Muji is too common !

Wrapped up by Yushi



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