My new playmate wooden toy mole! and healthy chestnuts cake

Mom’s friend and her cute 4-year-old daughter visited my house today.
They brought a cute present to me ,and also brought chestnut cake: candied chestnuts with inner skin are used.

Yummy-looking  chestnut cake: candied chestnuts with inner skin are used.This cake is additive-free and healthy.
Mom defrosted the chestnuts cakes slowly in the refrigerator for around 3 hours.
The marron cream which isn’t too sweet is delicious.


I got a toy with my name on it. Don’t you think it is very pretty?

It is a handicraft of a woman artist. I’m happy to get another wonderful playmate.


Of course, their purpose is to meet me. I am a popular baby.
I’m proud of myself!
As long as moms have chestnuts cake and tea, they continue to talk for many hours.
We patiently watched our parents enjoy chatting.


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