Baby Yushi

My name is “Yushi”. I am a baby boy who was born in June, 2014. I live in Kobe City of the Kansai district. My city has the most number of delicious sweets shops in Japan. I can introduce a lot of sweets which mom loves. We babies observe adults’ behaviors curiously.
Because we babies are very smart ! I am trying to be a baby like babies in the movie,
Dancing Baby because they are cynical for their age.I try to talk about sweets cinically and precociously. I want to introduce sweets one after another like a professional.

Our lovely dog Komo

Hi, I am Komo and 13 years old. I am a noble mixed-breed dog and have lived with the parents of Yushi’s mom.
I love taking a walk and is enjoying an elegant old age.
I am in charge of articles about the treats of a pet.

My cousin active boy Sou

Hi, I am Sou and an active 1-year-old boy. I go to nursery school every day. I live in the neighborhood of my cousin, Yushi. I am in charge of articles about the sweets for babies and children.

Secretary Mom hired by baby Yushi
I’ve known her since I was in her belly.
She writes articles, illustrations and takes some pictures instead of me.
Her main job is childcare, but she often scamps her work recently.
I often cry furiously and complain to her.
Her attitude is bad, so I sometimes want to fire her.
But nobody can replace mom, so I must put up with her attitude.
Every day I educate her patiently so that she can become a good mom.

From mom, Hi everyone !

I will be happy if this website can help people who love Japanese snacks, and people who want to know Japanese confectionery.  I am introducing some popular Japanese sweets. For some of them, I mention my favorite, but my preferences do not always correspond with the most popular ones. Please judge for yourself which you think you’ll like.

I hope you will find a nice Japanese sweet here.
Please contact me if you would like to request information on specific products.

Thank you