Baby Food of Morinaga, “Tomato cream fish and rice casserole of tuna and spinach”

I am pleased to introduce a baby food, “Tomato cream fish and rice casserole of  tuna and spinach” produced by Morinaga. Ready-to-eat pouch, from 9 month old baby.


I ate this weaning food. This is a rice casserole with tomato cream flavor.They said that all the vegetables are made in Japan and you are free from worries about the safety of the foods. In addition, we babies can get much calcium and iron. It considers our nourishment and health.


“Ingredients”, vegetables (carrot, potate), rice (Japan-made), tomato puree, tuna boiled in water, milk, cornstarch, cream, milk calcium, butter, salt, dry spinach, cabbage extract, chicken extract, yeast, pyrophosphoric acid iron.


Fish and some vegetables have been simmered with rice in tomato cream source. The tomato cream saurce is delicious, and it is easy to eat. The carrot and potate are pleasant to the taste. However, I fined the appetizing ingredients inviting enough as seen on the package. The vegetables in the picture are look fresh and all ingredinets are big in size and volumous. But, real ingredients are small and the dried spinach in particular is bad in color.  The rice is too soft. In my opinion it did not taste as fantastic as expected by the pictures on the package.

“Net weight” 120gs, the quantity is larger than baby food of other brands. But It is not large enough quantity for me weighing approximately 11 kgs.


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