Sheep cookie, “Counting the number of sheep helps you fall asleep.”

I live positively.
Every day I am busy introducing sweets, practicing crawling and so on.
I really live life fully. I’m proud of myself!
I don’t know why adults including my mom want to get plenty of sleep.

Mom is eating a sheep cookie with a sigh today, too. Smile, Mommy !

“Counting the number of sheep helps you fall asleep.” Does mom really believe in this spell?
I can’t believe that! My pajama is sheep-patterned, too. I don’t like the sheep pattern, but everybody compliments me, “Yushi, your pajama is so cute and you look nice!” So I decided to wear it.

Because mom has heard that taking a walk helps babies sleep well, we started doing it. Now we take a walk every day.

Mom thought, “If I go out for a walk with Yushi, he will be tired and get a good sleep.”
But I was not tired at all, because I slept the entire time during a walk in the fresh air.
Buggy is the most comfortable place to sleep.

As soon as we went home, I woke up. I was happy to have a nice sleep! I thought mom was happy, too, but she seemed to be disappointed. Why?


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