Fruit Jelly from Wakodo make your children love their fruits, good for education to eat fruit

They are fruits purees produced by Wakodo and are delicious as they are.
Wakodo is one of the famous chain stores that specialize in baby foods.
The purees contain strained fruits and their juices, mixed with some diced apples, which are appropriate in size for babies to put in their mouth.
The purees are also meticulously made. You can enjoy the texture of fresh fruits!

The purees are contained in light plastic trays so you can use them as plates when you feed your children.  It is very convenient.
Not only are they enjoyed as they are but also can be used as a sauce for yogurt, breads, and precooked vegetables and meats.
7 major food allergens such as eggs, milk, wheat, peanuts, soy, buckwheat, shellfish are not contained.

“Four kinds of fruit” from Wakodo

Fruit juice (mandarin orange, banana, peach),  diced apples, apple purees

315_623004300   Reference
 “Fruit and tomato”  from Wakodo

Muscat fruit juice,  diced apples, apple purees,  tomato paste

315_623004200  Reference

” Peach and white grape”  from Wakodo

Fruit juice (peach, Muscat), diced apples, apple purees,

315_623004100  Reference

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