The cookies are low-sugar and don’t make fat, my practicing a pulling exercise

Recently she snacks on diet cookies. The cookies are low-sugar and don’t seem to make her fat. Diet sweets are very popular in Japan, these are considered health and  free from worries about weight.

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Fancy that!
Mom is free from worries about weight, so she eats a lot of the cookies.
But be careful, mom. “If you eat too many cookies, you will get fat even though they are diet cookies.”


Mom is making an effort to do exercise at home, too.
After I was born, she doesn’t seem to be able to wear clothes of the last year. Oh, serious problem!

Recently I’ve come to able to crawl a little, but I haven’t moved forward smoothly yet.
Therefore, I’m trying to do an exercise of pulling an electric cord or a curtain to strengthen my back every day.
However, mom doesn’t look very pleased with my exercise for some reason. The exercise of pulling things is necessary for babies, right? But she always takes away the electric cord of my exercise tool from me, saying “No, Yushi!”  Why?

Mom can’t see the beam in her own eye; she said to me, “Oh Yushi, you are chubby, so you crawl slowly.” How rude!
I am a smart baby with a high level of consciousness. Mom cannot stop eating sweets. I’m not like her!
To lose weight by myself, I’m practicing a pulling exercise hard today, too.



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