The crisis that I may become a boiled baby ! Look at frog Cookies

Sunday is my day off, but I worked last Sunday. I went to the polls with my parents.

選挙  Polling place

I am still a baby, so I don’t have the right to vote, but I have an important job! I must make sure if my parents vote seriously. We babies have a big dream and possibility. I am very worried about the results of the election, because bad politics will destroy our future! But the turnout of our country is very low. What a shame! The Japanese are becoming a real boiled frog! I am very sad.

frog2 frog


If you put a frog in a pot filled with water and then you gradually heat the pot until it starts boiling, the frog never realizes danger. It is too late for the frog to escape, so its life is over! If we don’t take interest in politics, we may become a boiled frog, too.

I’ve just started life.I don’t want to be a boiled frog yet. Many difficulties lie ahead, so we should take action with a sense of crisis.   If we don’t speak up, that means we agree to anything politicians do. The proverb says,”Silence is golden,” but it is not. Speech is golden!


That’s why I speak up by big cry and complain to my mom every day.


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