The crispy leaf-shaped pie dusted with coarse sugar and”Leaf-eating Baby”

Because I made efforts, recently my crawling is improving. I am a hardworking baby! On the other hand, how about lazy mom? Mom is eating snacks by herself, too.
Today’s sweets are leaf pies by “Ginza West” .
Mom seems to be enjoying the crispy leaf-shaped pie dusted with coarse sugar.
She is engrossed in PC while eating the sweets. She scamps her work. She doesn’t take good care of me. Bad attitude!
I need to keep an eye on mom. I decided to demonstrate by my action like a smart baby rather than by crying or getting angry. I began to dash toward mom who was in the dining room, but she doesn’t notice my action.

When I passed by a flowerpot, I took interest in deep-green leaves. The leaf resembles mom’s pie in shape.
What kind of taste is this? I reached out my hand, tore off a leaf and put it into my mouth. “Uuu, yucky!”

“No, Yushi!” Hearing my groan, mom came in a hurry and removed the leaf from my mouth.
Mom left PC and started to play with me. The action by crawling is effective in order to educate mom. I did a good job!

I continue to make an effort to crawl speedily.


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