The cute egg sponge cakes confection which are most suitable for communication

Ashiya City, a mecca for confections, has predominantly many western cake shops.
And there is a delicious Japanese confections shop which I like. It doesn’t attract attention, but it is a really nice shop. The small egg sponge cakes of this shop are additive-free and oven-fresh because they are baked every day. They smell so good when I open a bag!


The soft sponge cake with sweet fragrant is very delicious. Yummy, yummy!
Please look.
Those sponge cakes are small alphabet shaped. How fun!
Those alphabets of the sponge cakes bring lively communication.
“Hungry!” I want to eat something right now!

“OK”  Let’s play



When I arrange sponge cake letters, not only can I eat them but I can also appeal myself happily in this way.
The cake letters are enjoyable and edible, so they are the most suitable confections for parents while I’m playing with them.


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