The god of poverty loves a dirty house. “Poor sweets life!”

The mom bought some sweets for New Year holidays.

Next year of the sheep ! Where is the sheep?

higashi    Higashi(Japanese dry confectioneries)

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At the end of December, everybody cleans the house.



If we clean the house, the god of wealth may come over in the New Year. If this god comes in your house, you become a rich person. Did you know that? But parents don’t clean seriously, so my house is dirty! Maybe the god of wealth dislikes such a dirty house and he will leave.Then the god of poverty is likely to come over instead. Oh my God! If the god of poverty loves your house, you become a poor person!

Mom, you should clean the house as soon as possible! The god of poverty loves a dirty house. If my family becomes poor, Mom and Dad can’t buy delicious sweets for me! Hurry up and clean!

This picture is the old  stories of Japan ” The god of wealth and the god of poverty ”

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She seems to order the New Year’s dishes who are delivered to home. How convenient! She cuts back on housework such as cooking and cleaning. My mom is getting lazier and lazier. She is wrong! Recently, I am cranky all day.



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