The New Year’s sweets dishes : Is this a “Osechi-ryori” or trick sweet ?

This is my first New Year!
It is a beautiful day, but parents overslept and lazed around all day.
During the New Year holidays, many adults do nothing special: they eat or watch TV, lying on a couch. We call it “Neshougatsu.” It is just like “couch potato”! Oh my God!

This is the “Osechi-ryori”
(Japanese people eat a special selection of dishes during the New Year celebration).

The New Year’s frozen dishes arrived on New Year’s Eve.


You defrost the dishes slowly in the refrigerator for 24 hours and leave them at room temperature one hour before you eat.
The taste is not so bad.


Is this  “Osechi-ryori”(New Year’s sweets dishes)?  No! This is all sweets.


Tomorrow we are going to visit the house of Dad’s parents. Guess what. They are planning to have a party for me.Relatives are coming to see me, so I’m a little nervous. Mom snacks on sweets all day after she gets up. I am worried that mom will gain weight.

Defrost the party dishes



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