The Very Hungry baby: What’s the wonderful baby mop which always cleans my house?

“Mom, wake up! You sleep too much.” I wake up lazy mom every morning. Mom hates it, but I patiently tap her until she gets up. As my crawling is improving, I can enjoy moving around every day.
Therefore, I am always very hungry night and day. Mom gives baby wakodo snacks to me in the daytime.

These are delicious cheese-flavored sticks; the snacks soften easily in a baby’s mouth.
They seem to be made carefully so that a baby does not get stuck in his or her throat.

It is only when a visitor comes to our house that mom is not lazy; she gets up early and hurries to clean the house.
“You should always clean our house. I wonder why you don’t clean it regularly.” I crawl on the floor and clean it like a mop every time. Daddy says, “Yushi is a praiseworthy baby mop. The floor becomes clean after he crawls.”
I hope mom will learn from me!



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