Tips for growing a tree which makes us rich, and okashi confectionery in the shape of an oval gold coin.

My house has a small houseplant called “a tree on which money grows.”
Mom got this tree from my grandfather.
Really amazing! Guess what! If this tree grows in your house, you become a rich person.
This leaf is shaped like an oval gold coin. The old money of Japan was an oval gold coin.
It is a okashi confectionery in the shape of an oval gold coin.

koban  Reference

Long ago, merchants hid money under the confectionery and sent to government officials.
It is a cake for bribes.
A politician is sometimes arrested for bribe now.
There are many people loving such sweets with money. This is a big problem!

Because this “Money tree” is a very lucky plant, I wish our money tree would grow big.
If the tree dies, my family may become poor. Mom and Dad can’t buy a toy for me!
But mom often forgets to water such an important tree. I can’t believe that!
The tree almost starved to death many times, but our tree bravely overcame this crisis and survives under adverse conditions.


This never-give-up tree exactly looks like me. We should be proud of ourselves!
This sense of impending crisis is the reason why both the tree and I are growing up strong.

Not overprotecting is tips for making a baby and a tree strong.
The money tree and I will do our best with a smile!


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