“Trap of sweet free cake” Women flock to something for free and sweets?

You know what. Recently my mom is interested in investment and asset management. She seems to be gathering information from TV, magazines, newspaper and so on, but can she truly understand the information? At first she should study real economics. Don’t you think so? Every day I study together with mom on her lap. I’m proud of myself!

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She participated in a recommended asset management seminar for women I don’t know the content of the seminar because I was playing at my grandma’s house while mom was taking the seminar.

Recently, the whole Japanese stocks have been going up after the Japanese government and the BOJ(Bank of Japan) decided to take weak yen and monetary policy easing policy. Among Japanese citizens, stock investment or investment trust become more popular than before. Many seminars for beginners are held too. Despite the good business trend, many families are tightening their budget after they see high prices of commodities with the last consumption tax hike by 3% in April. When I ask a financial planner to help with the family budget review, the planner advises our renewal of portfolio including better purchase of insurance and home loan payment.

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By the way, how was today’s seminar? Today. It must be a really good seminar. Guess what! Every participant can eat sweets for free! They learn how to make an investment while eating cake and drinking tea. It seems fun!

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The free cake of the seminar

“Women flock to something for free and sweets.” It turned out just as the seminar organizer aimed. Of course, my mom came home with pleasure. I’m worried she will buy a risky investment product. I hope not.

“Mom, be careful! There is no easy way to make money. Got it?” “I think it is best to make an effort patiently and steadily.” I’m making a steady effort to crawl today, too. I can’t crawl around freely yet, but I never give up practicing. I’ll try my best!



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