What Adults should Take care of Snack except Baby Snacks (Wakodo, etc) ?

Babies tend to want to eat what adults are eating when they see it. Even if it looks only a small amount for adults, that is a great amount for small babies. Salt and fat, spices and additives are a big burden to babies, who are immature in visceral functioning. To avoid this, don’t put snacks (except baby snacks, wakodo, etc) where babies can see or don’t eat them when in front of babies.


 Care about Tooth Cavity due to Snacks Containing Much Sugar

Necessity of the Habit to Prevent Tooth Cavity

Choose snacks containing little sugar, the cause of tooth cavity. Use little sugar when snacks are made at home. Natural sweetness of fruit and potatoes is good for health. Choose what doesn’t stick to teeth when marketed snacks are bought.


Even though a small amount, eating frequently causes tooth cavity. So fix the number of times and the time to give snacks. It is also important to get in the habit of washing out or cleaning the teeth, drinking water or barley tea.

Some snacks contain xylitol, which is said to prevent tooth cavity, as a sweetener but, be careful about tooth cavity when sugar or honey is included in ingredients.

Baby Snacks (Wakodo, etc) Should Be Given at the Fixed Time of the Day


Eating too much snacks is bad for health because babies don’t feel hungry at mealtimes. When they don’t eat enough meal, they get hungry at wrong times and they want snacks again, which becomes a vicious circle. Taking in extra energy causes obesity.

For one or two-year-old children who have a habit of getting up early, are active and eat enough, it is all right to give snacks twice a day, for example at ten in the morning and at three in the afternoon.

For children who are quiet and inactive and don’t eat much, it is necessary to consider the amount and the contents to give depending on their personality.


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