Yummy Chestnut “Yokan (Japanese jellied sweet)”, when do you want to eat sweets ?

“Oh, no! I overslept”. If I don’t get up, the work doesn’t progress. Serious! But mom enjoys a cup of coffee while I’m sleeping. She eats yummy Chestnut “Yokan.”


You know what. Yokan is a Japanese jellied dessert made from red bean paste.  Here is one with big chestnuts on top.


Is she all right to eat sweets before breakfast?

Mom is kind of tired, so she seems to want sweets. While I was listening to Disney movie songs, mom fell asleep soon. “I’m hungry. I need food.” Even though I cried loudly, she didn’t wake up. Mom must be really tired. I had to put up with hunger for a while. Why is mom so tired? Because of me? Every time I whine too much. Sorry mom! But I can’t stop crying.



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