Yummy-looking tofu cheese cake! On the other hand, mom’s terrible baby foods

As I began to cut tiny teeth, mom makes baby foods for me every day.
And, there is an ingredient which I like.

Guess what.It is tofu (soybean curd). It contains plenty of nutritious vegetable protein.With the current popularity of healthy boom in Japan, a low-calorie tofu is used for a lot of sweets.
It is a yummy-looking tofu cheese cake!
15_1 Reference aruyo21.jp/s_koishiya_642

I hope mom will use tofu for my meals as often as possible.

Recently, a lot of convenient baby foods are sold for busy moms. How convenient!

However, the dishes my mom makes are really bad! She isn’t a good cook.
She mashes anything and boils it. It looks like dog food. How unappetizing! I can’t believe such a terrible dish!

Mom is disappointed to see me eat store-bought baby foods delightfully.
Oh, I eat mom’s terrible baby foods patiently every day, because if I do not eat the foods, mom will stop cooking for me. That is not good for mom educationally. When will mom become a good cook?

I continue to have trouble with baby foods, and I have to put up with my mom! Don’t you think I am a nice baby?


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